Week 3 of Pregnancy

Week 3 of PregnancyDuring week 3 of pregnancy, there will be a lot of amazing changes happening, albeit unnoticed, inside your womb. It is during this time that the zygote turns into a blastocyst, or a cluster of quickly multiplying cells, which will then be implanted in your uterus from which it will be nourished through the blood vessels that connect the two. The placenta also starts to develop and produce a hormone called human chorionic gonadtropin, or hCG. Aside from preventing your uterus from shedding its lining, this also allows you to find out if you are pregnant as this is what pregnancy tests check for. Amniotic fluid production also begins at 3 weeks of pregnancy.

There is so much that takes place at week 3 of pregnancy, and while you may not know for sure, you may start feeling a few week 3 pregnancy symptoms. You may start bleeding or spotting. This is called an “implantation bleed” and may initially seem strange to you if your cycle is fairly predictable. An increased sense of smell that may turn you off certain kinds of food is also one of the common week 3 pregnancy symptoms. You may also start feeling especially tired or get tired more easily than usual. Some women start experiencing the beginnings of morning sickness and tenderness of the breasts as early as week 3 of pregnancy.

All these little changes may get you wondering, so you might be tempted to run out and get a home pregnancy test to find out. While it is perfectly all right to do this if you can’t help it, there is a great chance of getting inaccurate results. It may be more prudent to wait until the week of your next monthly period, during which results come out more accurate. In the meantime, it is a good idea to continue eating well, taking your folate supplements, and avoiding cigarettes, alcohol, and caffeine. Staying well-rested is also advisable during week 3 of pregnancy in anticipation of more exciting things that will happen to you and your baby in the coming months.


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