Week 4 of Pregnancy

week 4 of pregnancyIf you have been playing around with the idea in your mind, by the time you reach week 4 of pregnancy, your suspicions may be stronger than ever. The 4th week of pregnancy, after all, is when the blastocyst is divided into two parts: the embryo, which is a sesame seed-sized version of your baby, and the placenta, which plays a vital part in nutrient transfer from you to your child. Week 4 of pregnancy is also a very exciting time because it is at this point when the organs start to form. The most important thing during this week is for your child’s neural tube to develop properly, as this turns into the spinal cord and brain. The amniotic sac which will serve as the protection of your baby will also be present at this point. The 4th week of pregnancy is definitely a crucial time in terms of your child’s development!

The tiny embryo in your womb is changing so dramatically, you can expect to feel the effects on your body. If you didn’t sense anything during the previous week, you may begin experiencing the symptoms of pregnancy at 4 weeks, which include? some spotting (otherwise known as implantation bleeding), feeling bloated, mood swings, nausea, sensitivity to certain smells, getting tired easily, and tenderness of the breasts. Does this sound like PMS? Well, yes, and you might even think that this is all there is to it, but missing your period this week is one of perhaps the most telling of the symptoms of pregnancy at 4 weeks.

If you haven’t yet, this is the time to go out and get yourself a home pregnancy test kit. Try to do the test first thing in the morning, when hCG levels are at their highest. There is still a slight margin of error at this time, so if you are not convinced even after having taken a few tests, it’s a good idea to see your obstetrician, who can also advise you on proper prenatal care. Make sure you keep yourself healthy by eating nutrient-rich food, making sure you?re hydrated, and supplementing on folate, which is particularly important for avoiding neural tube defects. By keeping yourself healthy and happy at week 4 of pregnancy, you are giving your baby as good a start as you can.


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