Week 5 of Pregnancy

Week 5 of PregnancyWhile each stage of your pregnancy is exciting, knowing what takes place during week 5 of pregnancy will leave you amazed. After all, what was once a collection of rapidly multiplying cells is now a tiny being with a developing circulatory system. When you are 5 weeks pregnant, your baby may resemble a tadpole more than anything else, but the tiny tail will eventually disappear. The neural tube, which will form the baby’s brain and spinal cord, is also continuing to develop.

During week 5 of pregnancy, your body will be undergoing several more changes. Week 5 pregnancy symptoms may include those you might have started experiencing during the previous week and likely would be more pronounced. For instance, you may feel the urge to urinate a lot more frequently at this point, as well as feel your breasts become more tender. Another one of the common week 5 pregnancy symptoms is feeling tired or nauseous. Furthermore, food cravings may start creeping up on you, or you may begin to feel averse to foods that you actually used to like. Of course, the most definitive indication of your pregnancy is a positive test, and any doubts during the last week will be taken away by taking a test at 5 weeks pregnant.

During this period, it is important to keep yourself as well-nourished as you possibly can. The symptoms can make you feel awful, but they should ease up after several weeks. The first trimester is often the worst because of the PMS-like symptoms.

In any case, now that you know for sure that you are pregnant, it is a good idea to have a serious talk with your partner to discuss your readiness to share the great news with family and friends. This is one of the first talks about the pregnancy that you will be having, so make sure you establish very clear communication lines, especially about this topic. Don’t underestimate the importance of getting your partner involved and being able to communicate your feelings during your pregnancy, even if it’s just as early as week 5 of pregnancy.



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