Week 6 of Pregnancy

Week 6 of PregnancyWhile you imagine parajumpers outlet what your baby will look like, in your uterus, your baby?s face will actually be starting to develop at week 6 of pregnancy. His or her nose, jaws, eyes, cheeks, and ears will start to form. Your baby?s liver, lungs, intestines, and kidneys will also be developing when you’re 6 weeks pregnant. While all of this is happening, your baby remains only as large as a lentil or a nail head.

And while many women proclaim the great joys of motherhood, you?re probably feeling not so joyful due to the week 6 pregnancy symptoms. While nausea is not something every woman experiences during pregnancy, if you started experiencing it in the previous weeks, it will probably have become a whole lot worse at this time. Mood swings, another symptom you may be feeling, are also not a joy to experience. Just ask your partner. Other week 6 pregnancy symptoms include spotting, food aversions or cravings, heartburn or indigestion, fatigue, frequent peeing, bloating, and changes in your breasts. For some, it may seem like the symptoms only get worse as they progress further into the pregnancy. A bit like PMS only far longer. The good news is that while week 6 of pregnancy is not going to be a breeze, it?ll soon pass and so will its symptoms .

At 6 weeks pregnant, you should have your first prenatal visit if you haven?t already. Your doctor will need to examine you, find out your entire medical history, and even have a couple of tests done including a blood test and a Pap smear. This first visit is the perfect time to get some or all of your questions answered such as whether Parajumpers Men you can still drink coffee, what diet you should have, and how to deal with the nausea.

While your body will not have changed much in shape (no baby bump yet!), just the thought of all the amazing things happening inside of you should be enough to make week 6 of pregnancy an exciting one.


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