Week 7 of Pregnancy

Week 7 of PregnancyWhat?s happening with you and your baby in your week 7 of pregnancy? ??Quite a lot. Your baby?s size has doubled and is now about as large as a blueberry. His hands as well as feet are also starting to form. In addition, your baby?s face continues to develop including his mouth and tongue while his head becomes way larger than the rest of his or her body. By week 7 of pregnancy, your baby will already have a digestive system, kidneys, a liver, a pancreas, and an appendix.

While your baby grows, at 7 weeks pregnant, you will also be seeing more changes in your body. Your baby bump may not be showing yet but your breasts may have become a cup larger in preparation for breastfeeding. Because of the fluctuations in your hormone levels, you may also find yourself getting more pimples than usual. For the same reason, some women start to gain weight at 7 weeks pregnant while others experience a bit of weight loss. Your uterus, much like your breasts, will have doubled in size by this time.

Along with these physical changes, you will also probably be experiencing week 7 pregnancy symptoms. As the past weeks have probably shown you, you are more sensitive to smells and have developed a need to pee all the time. Other week 7 pregnancy symptoms include food cravings and aversions, nausea, fatigue, and mood swings. In addition, you may be starting to experience infrequent bowel movements because intestinal muscles tend to relax during pregnancy.

At 7 weeks pregnant, the realization that you?re having a baby will probably have settled in and you?re now starting to prepare for the arrival of your baby. Part of this preparation will include staying healthy and coping with the changes that pregnancy brings about. Make sure that you take extra care in preparing your food, always eat healthy, and take your prenatal vitamins. Getting regular, moderate exercise is an excellent way to cope with the demands of pregnancy and relieve any stress you may be experiencing. While week 7 of pregnancy is still a bit early for thinking about what baby stuff to buy, it is the perfect time to discuss your labor and delivery options with your partner and your doctor. And in case you haven?t told anyone else about it (aside from your partner), you may want to start thinking about how to spring the wonderful news to friends and family.


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