Week 8 of Pregnancy

Week 8 of PregnancyAt week 8 of pregnancy, your baby?s growth will have gone into overdrive. By now, he will be about the size of a big raspberry, growing about a millimeter each day. Your baby?s fingers, toes, eyelid, nose tip, and upper lip have gotten more pronounced. Fingers and toes, though webbed, will have appeared and the ?tail? will have almost disappeared. Your baby?s taste buds will start developing during week 8 of pregnancy. Around this time, he will also be starting to move his arms and legs around though you wouldn?t feel a thing.

Your baby?s not the only one who?s changing. At eight weeks pregnant, your breasts will be heavier, bigger, and more tender. By now, you already might be in need of a new, bigger sized bra for better support. Your waistline will also have expanded because of your baby?s and uterus? growth, making your pants a bit tighter than before. For some, a baby bump, albeit small, can now be seen.

By this time, you will already have had a few weeks of morning sickness under your belt. Unfortunately, week 8 pregnancy symptoms still include this. You?ll also be feeling more tired and experience constipation, bloating, and heartburn. The enhanced sensitivity to smell is also still going to be present. A lot of the week 8 pregnancy symptoms are things that you may already have been experiencing for the past few weeks including some weird dreams. You may also experience some early pregnancy cramps because your abdomen?s ligaments will be stretching to accommodate the growth of your uterus.

Because you?re eight weeks pregnant, you will need to schedule an appointment with your doctor for prenatal testing, if you haven?t already. You may also want to start looking for looser clothes to make sure you?re always comfortable in them. In addition, you may want to eat more fruits and veggies as they?re full of vitamins and can help you deal with constipation. You may feel that week 8 of pregnancy is just like any of the past couple of weeks you?ve had. The only difference at this time is that you only have about 32 weeks to go before you have your little bundle of joy in your arms.


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