Week 15 of Pregnancy

Baby at Week 15 of PregnancyYour baby has grown considerably by the time you reach week 15 of pregnancy. By now, he?ll have grown bigger, roughly four and a half inches in length and about as big as an orange. ?He will weigh around 2 ? ounces and will have become quite active, continually moving his arms and legs especially since he can now move all of his limbs and joints. You still won?t be able to feel a thing though because of his really small weight. He will also start experiencing some hiccups which you won?t hear because his trachea is still filled with fluid. His intestines are developing, as are his lungs. By week 15 of pregnancy, your little bundle of joy will be able to discern or sense light even though his eyelids are still shut.? His taste buds are also forming though he won?t be tasting much yet at this point. Another development that may have started this week is the growth of his eyebrows. Pregnancy at 15 weeks is an exciting time because it is already possible to determine the baby?s sex. While this may not always be as easy as it sounds, what with the hundred and one possible positions the ultrasound could catch, you can always ask your doctor to check, that is, if you do want to find out.

Week 15 of pregnancy, however exciting it may be, can still be slightly uncomfortable for an expecting mother. On your 15th week of pregnancy, the expansion of your uterus will cause it to push against your diaphragm and lessen the room your lungs need to expand. This causes you to be a bit short on breath though it should not be cause for alarm, unless breathing becomes too difficult. In this case, it is necessary that you contact a doctor. You may also start feeling the urge to pass gas more often during pregnancy at 15 weeks. This is quite normal and could even worsen as the weeks pass, so keep your sense of humor — you never know when you might need it. The tendency to suffer from a stuffy nose or even a nosebleed can also come up during the 15th week of pregnancy because of hormonal changes in your body as well as an increased flow of blood to your mucous membranes. A steamer or smelling salts approved by your doctor can ease the discomfort if this happens. Those hormonal changes in your body may also cause your gums to become red, swollen, and prone to bleeding. Make sure to take care of your teeth all throughout your pregnancy as gingivitis (swelling gums) can later become periodontitis where the bones and tissues supporting your teeth become infected. While these pregnancy symptoms at week 15 of pregnancy can be a bit annoying, a lot of the old symptoms such as morning sickness and fatigue will be long gone by now, an unpleasant yet distant memory. You?ll feel more lively, energetic, and ready to take on the world.

Week 15 of pregnancy is the perfect time for you and your partner to determine if you want to take the triple screen test, also known as multiple marker screening. This test can give you an idea of your child?s risk for birth defects such as spina bifida and Down syndrome. It is perfectly all right if you want to avoid this though it is recommended to help parents prepare as well as decide about further testing should the screening test indicate a potential positive. In any case, continue taking care of yourself and be happy if you are gaining about a pound each week. During week 15 of pregnancy, the most important thing is for you to take good care of what is, at the moment, your baby?s lifeline and comfort zone.


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