Week 16 of Pregnancy

Baby at Week 16 of PregnancyWeek 16 of pregnancy can feel like a milestone for you — and it is! You have been pregnant for a third of a year, and your little one is changing so quickly! At this point, he will be around as big as an avocado and weigh as much as 3 ? ounces. Swimming around, kicking, and floating about are some of the favorite activities of a baby at 16 weeks, especially since his legs will now be longer than his arms and much more developed. Some women may start feeling the baby move at this point. But if you don?t yet, there?s no need to worry. You will soon enough. And there?ll be lots of times when you?ll be wishing your baby didn?t kick so much in the coming months.??? Also, during week 16 of pregnancy, the bones in your baby?s ears have developed, so talk and sing to him if you wish — he can hear you! In addition, your baby?s facial muscles will have developed enough for him to squint and frown a bit while his eyes will have started making side-to-side movements behind the closed lids. Another interesting thing that happens during week 16 of pregnancy is that your baby?s back bone and muscles will have become stronger, allowing him to straighten his head and neck a little more than before. His cute toenails may also start forming during this time.

At 16 weeks, pregnancy symptoms may begin to increase as some women become more prone to constipation as well as develop varicose veins. Also, your breasts may start getting even bigger and you may be putting on more weight, so you may start getting comments about becoming a bit plumper even if you have a relatively small baby at 16 weeks. Pregnant women usually start suffering backaches at this point, so try to maintain proper posture and treat yourself to a massage once in a while, but be sure that you get it done by someone who specializes in pre-natal massage. As your uterus continues to grow, breathlessness and abdominal aches may also occur. Your shortness of breath is due to the lack of space your lungs now have to properly expand while the tummy aches are caused by the stretching of your abdominal ligaments. Aside from changes in your symptoms, you may also experience some changes in your body. At week 16 of pregnancy, you will have gained a bit of weight, your hips will have become wider, and your waistline bigger. You may also start noticing the appearance of stretch marks which, fortunately, no one else aside from you and your partner can see. Aside from growing, you will most probably also be glowing. Pregnancy causes your body to produce around 50% more blood which causes more blood circulation and the hormonal changes you experience will also cause your oil glands to work harder, both of which make your skin look considerably brighter.

It?s a good time to start thinking about the life changes that you will have to make at week 16 of pregnancy. Though some of the symptoms can be a bit distracting and even annoying for some, you just might be able to ignore these if you take the time to reconnect with your partner and simply enjoy the present. Make the most of your one-on-one time by going on short, relaxing trips while you are still comfortable enough to do so. Make it your mission to turn week 16 of pregnancy into a memorable and meaningful one as you and your partner look forward to a completely new life together.



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