Week 17 of Pregnancy

Baby at Week 17 of PregnancyDuring week 17 of pregnancy, your baby will be growing and developing as quickly as ever. He should be about as big as your palm, and with the development of body fat, will probably weigh approximately five ounces. His skeletal system, which started out as soft cartilage, are also starting to become firmer, turning into bone. His heartbeat will have become more well-regulated as his heart is now controlled by his brain. As such, his circulatory system is better developed now. At week 17 of pregnancy, your baby continues to move his limbs, while also learning smaller but vitally essential movements, such as swallowing. His hair, on his scalp as well as those that form his eyebrows and eyelashes, will also continue to fill in more. His hearing also continues to develop; he may start reacting to loud noises (feeling startled) such as dogs barking. In addition to these, when you’re 17 weeks pregnant, your baby?s sweat glands will start to develop.


While you may have good energy levels during your pregnancy at 17 weeks, you may also start feeling a few off-putting symptoms. For instance, since your belly at week 17 of pregnancy is much bigger than it used to be, you may find yourself feeling less balanced than you used to. This is a good sign that you have to give up your stilettos for a while and use flats instead. Not only will it be safer for you and your baby, but it will also be much more comfortable and will prevent the appearance of varicose veins from possibly worsening. Also, it is highly likely that your belly size is now a clear indication that you are going to have a baby. At 17 weeks pregnant, you will probably have told the important people in your life, but if you haven’t, you should plan to do so — there won’t be any mistaking it soon! Another change that you will be experiencing during week 17 of pregnancy is a change in appetite. If you didn?t have much of an appetite during your first trimester, it may now feel like you can?t eat enough to satisfy it completely. This is because your body is reacting to the growth of your baby, who will need more to keep him growing healthy. Though it is important to eat enough to satisfy the needs of your baby, you don?t necessarily have to eat for two. While weight gain is an expected result of growing a baby inside of you, there is such a thing as too much weight gain. You?ll need to always keep in mind that eating healthily is quite enough to keep your baby growing and healthy.

Making your pregnancy at 17 weeks both manageable and pleasant may require a few minor changes. For instance, since your eyes tend to get drier now, you may want to keep a small bottle of eye drops in your purse. If you find your appetite increasing, make sure you keep a stash of nutritious and easy-to-prepare snacks on hand. Trail mix, fruit, and energy bars are all great options. To ensure your comfort, get yourself a few big pillows to support your back or to prop your feet up on. They may not seem necessary at week 17 of pregnancy, but you’ll be needing them very soon!

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