Tips for Safe Pregnancy Exercise

Safe Pregnancy Exercise

Pregnancy exercise is one of the best ways to ensure healthy pregnancy weight gain.? But what are the safe exercises suited for pregnant women??? Is it even safe to work out when you are pregnant?? These among many others are the common questions of expectant moms particularly those who are pregnant for the first time.?? Knowing the do?s and don?ts of working out while pregnant is very important.? Safe pregnancy exercises ensure the safety of the baby and the mother as well.

There are a great number of benefits to pregnancy exercise. Having regular exercise helps pregnant women keep their body fit, healthy, and strong.? Working out while pregnant also helps lessen the discomforts of pregnancy like fatigue and backaches.? Exercising can also help improve posture, relieve stress, and build stamina in preparation for going through labor and the actual delivery. ?It also helps prevent the onset of gestational diabetes which usually develops during pregnancy.? Hence, before working out, here are some things that you have to keep in mind:

Seek your doctor?s advice first.

If you are a competitive athlete, you need to first consult with your health care provider regarding the guidelines on safe pregnancy exercises.? Even if you were doing hard core exercises before you got pregnant, it doesn?t mean that you know exactly what and what not to do. Your obstetrician can advise you on the proper exercise that will ensure you and your baby?s safety.?? If you weren?t regularly exercising before your pregnancy, then it?s doubly important to ask for a suggested exercise program that will help you feel your best throughout your pregnancy.? It is important to make sure that you do away with any strenuous activities, go through a moderate exercise routine preferably around 30 minutes a day, but not necessarily 7 times a week.? Consult your obstetrician so they can recommend the best pregnancy exercise suited for you.

Don?t exercise if you have certain medical problems.

If you have diabetes, heart disease, asthma, or were diagnosed with a low placenta, a threatened miscarriage, a weak cervix, have a previous history of premature births, or are experiencing spotting, exercising may be harmful to you and your baby.? In such cases, it is best to get your doctor?s approval and suggested exercise program first. If you are allowed to exercise, make sure that you follow the suggested program to the letter. After all, it?s better to be safe than sorry.

Wear loose, comfortable clothes.

Wearing breathable and loose-fitting clothes is ideal when you are exercising.? Using a maternity bra will also help in providing enough support. Also, make sure to choose the right exercise shoes.? It is common for pregnant women?s feet to change in size because of some swelling.? Thus, it is more appropriate to buy new shoes that fit your feet comfortably. The right kind of shoes will also ensure that you don?t injure yourself while exercising.

Don?t stress yourself too much.

Try to do at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, preferably walking or swimming, but make sure not to overdo it.? Never exercise to the point of exhaustion. Make sure to warm up first before you start exercising and to cool down when you are done.? This will help prepare your joints and muscles for exercise and it will help build up your heart rate slowly.? If you don?t warm up or cool down after your pregnancy exercise, you may experience post-workout pains and aches because of strained ligaments and muscles.? In addition, don?t exercise at all if the weather is hot or humid.

Drink plenty of water and eat more calories.

When you are exercising, make sure to bring plenty of fluids with you so your body can immediately replace the lost fluids.? It is also very important to eat more calories if you are exercising.? You need to nourish your body so you can build up your stamina.? If you have a healthy BMI or Body Mass Index, try to eat at least 300 more calories a day to keep up with the demands of your pregnancy as well as your pregnancy exercise.

Pregnancy exercise offers a great many benefits but it can also be harmful if not done right.? Thus, it is very important to ask your health care provider to give you guidelines on what exercises will work for you and which will not.? Keep in mind that you are on a very delicate stage where you need to not only take good care of your health but of your baby?s as well.

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