Week 19 of Pregnancy

Week 19 of PregnancyWhat?s up with you and your baby during your week 19 of pregnancy? Well, let?s start off with your baby. By now, the little one is about half a foot tall and half a pound heavy. As the baby inside you continues to grow during this week in pregnancy, her organs continue to develop. In addition, the remaining parts of her body have grown enough to be proportionate to her limbs.

If you can take a peek inside your womb during your 19th week of pregnancy, you would see that your baby is currently covered with vernix caseosa which is Latin for ?cheesy varnish?. This wax-like substance is nature?s way of moisturizing your baby and is believed to shield your baby from bacterial attacks.

Many prenatal specialists would recommend that moms (and dads, too) should start talking or reading to their babies when they are in week 19 of pregnancy. This is because a good number of studies support the theory that an unborn baby?s sense of hearing is developed enough during this week in pregnancy to hear sounds outside the mother?s womb. So, go ahead? talk to your baby, tell her how much you love her, and how excited you are to see her soon.

Let?s now talk about you. Since you are in week 19 of pregnancy, your uterus continues to grow and is now under your navel. Because of this ongoing – about one centimeter per week – growth, you will have difficulty maintaining the line of gravity of your body. Thus, you should always be careful in standing up and in walking around to avoid falling due to lack of balance.

Another thing that you should keep in mind as well during this time is ?No pain, No gain.? The person who coined this expression wasn?t talking about the 19th week of pregnancy but the thought still applies. At this stage of pregnancy, expectant moms like you will most likely experience cramps on the legs, tingling and numbness of digits, and pain in the round ligament of the uterus. The pain is more a discomfort than actual pain you get from exercising but being in discomfort almost every day can take its toll. What causes these symptoms of week 19 of pregnancy? For leg cramps, no one really knows for sure. Although, many suspect that the cramping of legs is a result of tiredness of the muscle or squashed blood vessels. The immense pressure that pregnant women?s swollen ankles and wrists put on nerves is the usual suspect for tingling and numbness of digits. In the same manner, the thickened and stretched (due to your growing uterus) ligaments trigger the stabbing pain that you feel in your round ligament when you move abruptly to a different position.

To help you deal better with the above pregnancy symptoms, try to do the following. First, never rush to sit down or stand up. Doing so will buy you time to find your balance and lessen your chances of suffering from round ligament pains. Second, get a soothing leg massage to minimize your episodes of leg cramps. Third, do some ankles and wrists stretches regularly and avoid sleeping on your hand to avoid numbness and tingling of fingers and toes. Consult your doctor if one or more of the week 19 of pregnancy symptoms cause you constant and unbearable pain.

What else can you expect during week 19 of pregnancy? Unfortunately, the extra estrogen in your body may cause some changes in your skin color. You may find yourself having red palms. You may even start to see patches of your skin darkening due to an increase in pigment in your body such as around your nipples, scars, underarms, and inner thighs. A dark line starting from your belly button to your pubic bone may also appear around this time. Don?t worry though as these are all temporary and will fade sometime after you give birth to your little one. Just make sure to protect your skin from the sun to avoid making the skin changes darker than usual.

While week 19 of pregnancy is still a long way from giving birth, you may want to start discussing baby names with your partner and even discussing parenting techniques. It?s never too early to start planning your life for after your little bundle of joy is born.

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