Week 21 of Pregnancy

Week 21 of PregnancyShould you expect maternal and fetal changes during your week 21 of pregnancy? Yes, you should. Since day one of your baby?s conception, you and your baby have been experiencing discernible and indiscernible changes 24/7. Fetal and maternal changes will continue to happen during and after your 21 weeks of pregnancy.

Now that you are in your week 21 of pregnancy – and just 19 weeks away from the D-day, your baby?s changes are mostly physical. Your baby is now as tall as a carrot (10.5 inches) and as heavy as three uncooked Quarter Pounder beef patties. That is half an inch taller and two ounces heavier than last week. The full growth of eyelids and eyebrows; the ability to swallow amniotic fluid; plus the appearance of soft and downy hair that covers your baby?s body (better known as lanugo) are fetal changes that also occur in week 21 of pregnancy.

Other things happening during week 21 of pregnancy is thumb sucking, yawning, and swallowing! By now, your baby truly looks like a baby with the occasional thumb sucking and yawning happening from time to time. Isn?t that cute? Also, your little bundle of joy will start swallowing some amniotic fluid during this time which can be a bit icky to think about. But it?s a great way for him to start practicing swallowing and digesting since these are things that he will be doing once outside your womb. The small amount of sugar that his digestive system absorbs from the amniotic fluid doesn?t hurt either. In addition, you might be surprised to know that the flavors of the food you eat each day influence the taste of your amniotic fluid. And since your baby?s taste buds have already developed, he will definitely be able to experience those flavors. Research has shown that tend to like foods that they ?tasted? while in the womb so if you want your little one gobbling up those veggies, better take the time now to get him used to their tastes.

What about you? Well, as a 21-week pregnant woman, you may find yourself two pounds heavier than your previous week?s weight (about 12 pounds heavier than your pre-pregnancy weight); but, you will most likely be more comfortable and relaxed than those who are in an earlier stage of pregnancy. This is thanks to less sensitive breasts, a less sore abdomen, lesser mood swings, and fewer episodes of nausea and fatigue.

As a 21-week pregnant woman though, you may experience more acne breakouts than those who are in an earlier stage of pregnancy. This is due to thue pregnancy hormones that cause excessive oil production which in turn triggers acne breakouts. Acne medications may be harmful to unborn babies so be sure to ask for your doctor?s advice on the best and safest way to deal with your acne problem.

During your week 21 of pregnancy, you should check out your abdominal area, thighs, hips, and breasts for purple or reddish streaks. These lines are called stretch marks. Basically, stretch marks are scars that resulted from the tearing of your skin as it is rapidly stretched due to pregnancy and weight gain. Seeing unsightly stretch marks may cause you to rush to the nearest beauty shop and purchase the most popular stretch mark removal cream. Yes, many stretch mark prevention and removal creams, lotions, and oils are sold in beauty shops. However, do keep in mind that no topical medication has been scientifically proven to have the ability to prevent or completely get rid of stretch marks. Some are even dangerous for pregnant women or moms who are breastfeeding their babies. Your best bet is to have a healthy, slow, and steady weight gain during pregnancy.

At 21 weeks of pregnancy, you may want to start getting ready for the arrival of your little one. Organizing your baby?s things, setting up and decorating the nursery, and even creating a taking-care-of-baby schedule for you and your partner are things you may want to get a move on at this time. Week 21 of pregnancy may be closer to the halfway mark than the end goal but it won?t hurt to start preparations which may or may not include having some heart-to-heart talks with your hubby on delivery, parenting, and even your baby?s future college fund.

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