Week 22 of Pregnancy

Week 22 of PregnancyThe baby inside you, on your week 22 of pregnancy, is about 11 inches tall and a pound heavy (just like a papaya). She still needs to gain more fat to get rid of the severe wrinkles on her epidermis. At this time, her brains, lungs and pancreas continue to develop.

Your pregnancy by week 22 also brings these three fetal changes. One, she will have more pronounced facial features. Two, she will go through two sleep cycles a day (each lasting for no more than 14 hours). Three, her senses will be more developed. Her improved sense of hearing allows her to hear your voice, and the thumping of your heart. Her eyes, having now formed, will have colorless irises and are still unable to see. However, it now has the ability to distinguish light from darkness. You might see your baby touching her face or grabbing the umbilical cord during your 22-week pregnancy ultrasound exam ? she is just trying out her newly developed sense of touch especially since she can now grip things in her hands.

Another fetal development during this week is the production of very important hormones by your baby?s pancreas. Also, you might be interested to know that her inner ear has fully developed, enabling your baby to have a sense of balance.

As for you, your week 22 of pregnancy is a good time to start to eat nothing but healthy foods (if you still have not started to do so). This will, hopefully, help your baby?s taste buds to be more tuned to the taste of healthy foods since your baby?s sense of taste is starting to improve this week. In line with eating, it will be better to have five to six small meals a day rather than eating your usual 3 large ones. This will prevent you from feeling bloated, indigestion, and too sleepy.

Due to pregnancy hormones such as relaxin, progesterone and estrogen, androgen, and melanin, you will undergo some maternal changes in your week 22 of pregnancy. For instance, it has been observed that women tend to have bigger and longer feet once they have had a 22-week pregnancy or longer. Your pregnancy by week 22 may, therefore, will require you to buy new and one size bigger pairs of footwear. ?This is especially true if your feet are starting to swell or spread out.

The darkening of the area around your nipples (a.k.a. areolas) and the skin discoloration on some areas of your face will start to happen in your week 22 of pregnancy if it hasn?t started yet. There is nothing you can do to stop the darkening of your areola. The skin discoloration on your face is a different matter. To prevent skin discolorations on your face: use SPF 30 sun screen lotion or cream with UVA and UVB protection; wear a sun protection head gear; and avoid sun exposure from 10 o?clock in the morning to 2 o?clock in the afternoon.

Don?t be shocked or scared if you wake up one morning and see dark facial hairs, as well as, arm and leg hairs. This is normal for pregnant women like you. The best way to deal with this week 22 of pregnancy maternal change is to pluck, wax, or shave off the unwanted hairs.

And since you will already be showing a pregnant tummy at week 22 of pregnancy, you may start to experience people rubbing your belly a lot. While it may mean nothing to them, it doesn?t mean that you shouldn?t feel bothered if they do. It?s perfectly fine if you start telling people that you?d rather they just touch their own bellies than yours. Also, don?t start to feel panic or worry should someone tell you that you look too big or too small for someone who?s in their 22nd week. Every woman?s growth rate during pregnancy differs so don?t start comparing yourself to others.

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