Week 25 of Pregnancy

Week 25 of PregnancyReaching week 25 of pregnancy is a significant milestone. Your child has now almost doubled his chance of survival were he to be born at this windows key time; from 25% during week 23 to about 50-82% with aggressive medical care. This is all thanks to the fact that the development of the core life processes of your little one has significantly advanced by this time. Your 25 weeks old fetus has developed all the rudimentary organs necessary for life. From this point on, most of the development will come in the form of gaining weight as well as developing the baby?s brain and nervous system.


Week 25 of Pregnancy: What?s Up with You and Your Baby?

Your baby begins to accumulate fat during this week in pregnancy. The fat begins to fill out your baby?s arms and legs, giving him a more rounded, proportionate look. Being a 25 week pregnant woman also means that your pregnancy is now fully evident. By now, not only is your bump big, your baby is also approximately 13.5 inches tall and 700 grams heavy.

The added weight, as well as other hormonal changes during this stage, may cause you to have brief instances of depression, dizziness, and nausea. In addition to the aforementioned pregnancy discomforts, your lower back may also experience some pain from the added weight. Leg cramps may also be making your life a bit more difficult at this time as calcium is leached away from your body into your baby?s. Because of this, you will have to make sure that you take calcium supplements, get a lot of rest often and be careful with your movements. Massages and warm baths do wonders for the many aches and pains associated with week 25 of pregnancy.

Other changes that you will be experiencing include having thicker and fuller hair. You should not be surprised if your feet are now swollen and requiring you to buy shoes that are larger than your usual size. You may also need to purchase larger bras with good support as your breasts are really beginning to fill up with milk at this stage of your pregnancy.

Your baby?s skeletal system at week 25 of pregnancy is now more developed; your child?s bones have become stronger. The basic skeletal structure of your baby?s spine also begins to form. The hand now becomes a major sense organ for the baby. It is at week 25 of pregnancy when the fetus? hands become inundated with tactile sensations. The baby reacts to such stimuli by exploring the uterus and itself with its hands. Your baby?s own feet, face, and even the umbilical cord becomes tools through which the magical sense of touch is explored. With the hand fully developed, the baby can now grasp, poke, and prod its way around its own little world.

It is during week 25 of pregnancy as well when your baby?s cardiovascular system also shows significant development. His lungs and air sacs are now filled with fluid, preparing it for its future role. Capillaries, fine blood vessels that bring blood to the skin, now fully appear. The baby?s nostrils begin to open. His mouth and lips become laced with nerves, allowing the fetus more control and sensation. The baby begins to yawn sporadically. This is an act that experts say helps with fluid and gas regulation within the body.

All of the above changes accompany the increasing size and complexity of the baby?s brain during this week of pregnancy. This also leads to the baby?s better ability to recognize and remember voices. With the hardening of the inner ear bones, the baby?s hearing is much improved. The 25th week of pregnancy is the perfect time for parents to start conversing with their young one.

Week 25 of pregnancy entails a lot of changes. Of these changes, the most significant is probably the baby?s change in position. From an upright, head up position, the baby now starts to tilt and rotate downwards slowly. This eventually would lead to his head pointing down towards the birth canal in anticipation of his birth.

Week 25 of pregnancy is a significant time during your term. Your baby?s change in position as well as the developments in his skeletal, sensory, nervous, and cardiovascular systems are all signs that the time of birth is getting nearer and nearer. As a 25 week pregnant woman, you should ensure that you get proper nutrition and avoid chemicals that can adversely affect the baby?s growth. Most importantly, you should take the time to celebrate and enjoy your week 25 of pregnancy.


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