Week 26 of Pregnancy

Week 26 of PregnancyWeek 26 of pregnancy is one of the most interesting and exciting stages of your pregnancy. You?re only two weeks shy of your third trimester! You and your partner will soon get to hold and hug your baby!


Baby?s and Mommy?s Life in Week 26 of Pregnancy

Baby development by week 26 is highlighted by your baby?s eyes opening. His eyes have been shut for the past months, but during this week in pregnancy, his eyes will slowly open.

What additional baby development by week 26 can you expect? Well, the little swimmer inside you will continue to increase his size and weight. An average healthy baby will now be about the size of an English cucumber (1.16 feet) and weighing around 1.60-1.70 pounds.

Additionally, the reason why a woman, during her week 26 of pregnancy, feels more movement inside her tummy is because her baby is starting to learn how to move around his head. You may feel like the Grand Master of martial arts is inside your belly, but you should not worry ? he is just practicing all sorts of possible movements that he will use when he gets out of your tummy.?Isn?t it amazing?

Your baby still has a lot of growing to do before he is ready for birth even if his body may now look like it is fully formed. During this week in pregnancy, the brain, lungs, and other internal organs of your 26 week-old fetus are still developing. In addition, you may be excited to know that your baby is starting to remember things as his brain cells begin to mature. He will start to recognize voices so it?s best if you and your spouse talk to him starting this week (if you haven?t started already). This way, he will be able to recognize and distinguish your voices from others after he is born. Music played regularly while he is in utero also has a higher chance of being remembered by the baby after birth. With all these developments, it is vital that you take additional measures in order for you to keep your baby healthy and happy.

A pregnant woman will have gained as much as twenty to twenty-three pounds by her week 26 of pregnancy. In addition to weight change, she may experience a series of pregnancy discomforts that affect her physical, mental, and psychological well-being. Fatigue, frequent headaches, and muscle pains (especially in the muscles of the back and the legs) will most likely take place during this week. Pregnancy insomnia, or the inability to catch sleep, may also occur during this time. Lastly, due to the body?s production of higher amounts of progesterone (a hormone that is secreted during pregnancy) during week 26 of pregnancy, the muscle tissues all around your body will relax, including your gastrointestinal track. This causes the rate of your digestion to significantly decrease, leading to constipation. This pregnancy symptom is the cause of most mothers? complaints about having to be in the restroom longer than they used to. There is no need to worry though. These are all normal changes and they happen not just to you but to many mothers who are in their week 26 of pregnancy.

There are some ways to address these common changes during the week 26 of pregnancy of a mother. For better sleep, you may want to change your sleeping patterns. You may also want to place some pillows and position them in a way that will make you feel comfortable. As for maternity muscle pains, you may want to use a belt specially made for pregnant women. A belt which can ease the strain and the pressure that comes along with pregnancy.

To lessen your bouts with constipation, pregnant mothers like you must always remember to drink lots and lots of water. Increasing fiber intake, with lots of fruits and veggies, will also help. Finally, increasing one?s general activity levels often instigate the movement of poop without the need for a nasty suppository. If these common changes bring too much discomfort and pain, it is best for you to seek help and advice from a professional, such as a pregnancy doctor or whoever is your health care provider.

This week of pregnancy possesses crucial changes to both the mother and the little tyke. Despite the many changes that occur, the woman should not be alarmed by it. As long as the proper needs are met, the right support from the husband is given, and all the medical needs are tended to, you should be extremely fine.

Some may go as far as saying that this stage is the ?preparation? phase for giving birth. It is less exciting than the actual birth week, but it still counts as exhilarating. During this pregnancy period, the connection between you and your precious little one grows stronger than ever. Without a doubt, week 26 of pregnancy of a woman is one of the most thrilling stages of conception.


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