Week 27 of Pregnancy

Week 27 of PregnancySince you are now in your week 27 of pregnancy, quite a handful of things have already changed in your life. You may now be accustomed to the symptoms that go with pregnancy, such as back pain, constipation, gas and edema, plus the occasional fatigue usually experienced by women who have progressed into week 27 of pregnancy. Despite the discomforts that you may be feeling during this week in pregnancy, nothing could perhaps be as soothing as knowing that every day is a step closer to the much-anticipated birth of a bouncing baby!


Week 27 of Pregnancy: The Changes in You and in Your Baby

If you are an expectant mother, wonder no more about what changes are happening to your body and your fetus at 27 weeks of pregnancy.

Changes in your baby

By week 27 of pregnancy, your baby weighs about 2 pounds and measures approximately 15 inches in height with his legs extended. Roughly the size of a hefty head of cauliflower, the fetus at 27 weeks of pregnancy has indeed grown a lot bigger than when it was only the size of a poppy seed during the first week of your pregnancy.

Another significant development of your baby around this time is that not only has he grown bigger and heavier than the previous weeks, he has also gotten smarter. Week 27 of pregnancy is the time when your little tyke first shows brain activity. For this reason, your baby?s ultrasound images will show a disproportionately bigger head compared to his body. Your baby?s head grows during this week in pregnancy to accommodate his growing brain. The part of your baby?s brain responsible for intelligence and personality has started to develop.

Another important physiological development occurring in your baby at this time is the development of his vascular system. Your baby is now capable of breathing. This is thanks to his lungs, which are now able to handle oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange, and his brain (now able to control rhythmic breathing).

In addition, at this stage, your baby?s neck has gained more flexibility. This enables him to move his head from left to right. It is also expected that the development of his optic nerves is almost complete. His skin, no longer translucent, is turning opaque due to fat accumulation under his skin. He is also able to absorb more calcium from the vitamins in your body which explains why you feel that his kicks have become more powerful.


Changes in your body

As your baby progresses inside your womb, you may notice that a lot of changes are also happening to you and your body.

You may feel that you are easily getting tired. You also may notice that you are short of breath quite often. Do not panic. Just rest more often to adjust to your new condition. What you are experiencing is quite is normal. Because your uterus is growing to provide room for your growing baby, more pressure is put on your diaphragm and your rib cage (they sit above your expanding uterus). As a result, your breathing becomes shallower.

Meanwhile, the extra weight you carry during your pregnancy also makes you experience back pains and muscle cramps. The added weight also makes you tire easily, just as you would feel if you walked while carrying heavy objects as compared to when your hands are free.

Do not be horrified if you feel puffy and see your feet, hands, and ankles swelling during your week 27 of pregnancy. Your body is accumulating fluids because of increased blood flow and the pressure your uterus is applying on your vena cava ? the large vein that transports blood from your heart to your lower limbs. There is no need for you to worry for the swelling is normal and temporary.? It will slowly disappear after you give birth.

It is also during week 27 of pregnancy when you will feel tightening and clenching sensations in your uterus. This is called a Braxton-Hicks contraction. It is a naturally occurring sensation which prepares the uterus for delivery. Although, you have to be observant of the contractions as contractions that take unusually longer than two minutes sometimes mean early labor.


The second trimester is coming to an end, and time is ushering in the last trimester of pregnancy. Before you know it, you will finally be holding your new baby in her arms. At week 27 of pregnancy, the long wait is almost over.




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