Some very sad topics including cannibalism and genocide

The next hour and ten minutes were spent listening to Carlin desperately trying to get us to laugh at things that conventional wisdom would say is too sacred to laugh at. Some very sad topics including cannibalism and genocide. And the customary gross topics such as and I quote: “Pussy farts”..

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“It’s the best summer of work I’ve seen since I’ve been in the NBA,” McDonough said, including the coaches’ work. “Just in terms of the buy in from the players, some of our key guys have made Phoenix their home and reside here pretty much year round. Starting with Eric Bledsoe, I think Eric has set the tone for our group in a lot of ways with his commitment.”Suns Media Day 2016Bledsoe acknowledge the abundance of talented guards, which McDonough called “a good problem to have” in light of last season’s backcourt injuries.

wholesale jerseys from china With due respect to the Middle East, what going on there IS horrible, but the majority of humanitarian aide, weapons, infrastructure aide, and healthcare assistance is being funneled there instead of where it needed the most. Politicians quit pretending we such humanitarians without oil as an incentive, other countries in dire need are left in the dust. Kudos to George Clooney, who was just arrested for protesting this very thing!. wholesale jerseys from china

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