Week 28 of Pregnancy

Week 28 of PregnancyWeek 28 of pregnancy heralds the start of the third and final trimester. During this week in pregnancy, you can look forward to a variety of milestones. With the baby close to popping out, now would be a great opportunity to take a quick peek and see what your baby looks like.

At this point, your little baby has developed all the necessary human organs he needs to survive in the outside world. Speaking of survival, if your baby decides to vacate your belly in your week 28 of pregnancy, he will have a 90% chance of survival. However, he may have to deal with some health issues. Try to keep your baby in your womb for as long as possible since each day that he stays in your womb is giving him additional 2 percent chance of survival.

From now on, most of your baby?s development is simply fine-tuning your baby?s body in preparation for birth. Your baby?s senses – taste, smell, and touch – are now acutely developed. His eyes are now photosensitive, able to detect light and darkness. This actually makes him blink a lot, flashing his brand new set of pretty eyelashes, and even shed tears, as his eyes adjust to this new phenomenon. Color also appears for the first time in your baby?s eyes. This eye color is temporary. A baby?s eye color only becomes permanent a few months after the baby?s birth. Your baby?s head, not as tiny as it was a few weeks ago, now swivels around in response to light detected by his eyes.

Week 28 of pregnancy is also characterized by your sweet little one?s ravenous desire to get fat. Currently, he is as heavy as a kilo of sugar (give or take a few hundred grams) and is roughly 15 inches long. Your little tyke?s brain also begins a rapid expansion this week, culminating in a 400% increase (in mass) by the time the baby gets out of the womb. His organs also undergo fine developments during this phase. At week 28 of pregnancy, the baby?s skeletal system is complete though still composed of soft cartilage. His bones won?t begin to harden until a few months post-birth.

Your baby?s bone marrow is now busy producing the red blood cells it needs for the outside world. Add this to the development of the respiratory and muscular systems and your baby now becomes an expert in previously developed feats like coughing, swallowing, and hiccupping.

His endocrine system has a new trick up its sleeve: the production of estrogen and testosterone. These hormonal changes will cause you to make milk. Aside from milk production, the weight gain of your baby means a corresponding weight gain for you. This is really the time when you would be noticeably eating for two.

Cramps, muscle pain, and discomfort marks week 28 of pregnancy for mothers like you. Your baby?s size and movements may also cause you a lot of sleepless nights as your ribs, organs, and nerves are displaced by your active baby?s activity. A particularly painful occurrence is when your baby presses into the sciatic nerve, which runs from your lower back down to your legs. Because of this, many 28 weeks pregnant mothers experience sharp jabs of pain. Additional pregnancy symptoms include numbness and a case of ?thousand needles?.

Rest and food are two things mothers need during week 28 of pregnancy. If this week in pregnancy happens to be during the summer, or if the climate in the mother?s location is prone to hot spells, drinking lots of water is a must. Also, if this is your first pregnancy, you will need to undergo two vital tests: Blood Rh and glucose tolerance test. Women, who are Rh negative, are given RhoGAM or Rh immunoglobulin to anticipate any autoimmune complications in case their baby is Rh positive. Another shot of RhoGAM is given to the mother after the baby?s birth to prepare things for future pregnancies.

Glucose screening, on the other hand, is given a few weeks into pregnancy to determine if the mother should get a glucose tolerance test. A high glucose screening result would require dieting days before the three-hour glucose tolerance test (used to test for gestational diabetes). If the result of the glucose tolerance test is positive, the mother will have to be on a special diet.

Week 28 of pregnancy is the perfect time to start planning and preparing for your baby?s grand entrance into the world. This includes planning the baby shower, short listing the prospective names, and ensuring that the nursery and its decor are all going according to plan. If you haven?t already, attending birthing classes should be done around week 28 of pregnancy, especially if you are undergoing your first pregnancy.

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