Week 29 of Pregnancy

Week 29 of PregnancyThe anticipation of seeing your baby becomes more intense as you approach week 29 of pregnancy. You are now in your third trimester and your due date is slowly but surely inching closer. A lot of developments have happened in the months past and you can?t wait to learn what more is there to come. So what is happening during this week in pregnancy?


Your Baby at 29 weeks of pregnancy:

By now, your 29 week fetusis about 2.5 pounds and with a length of about 15-17 inches. He?s almost at his birth length but will still need to store more fat in the next coming weeks. By the time he?s born, he?ll have doubled, even tripled, his current weight. His head is still getting bigger to make room for his continuously developing brain. His muscles and lungs also continue to grow and develop. In addition, his movements are getting stronger despite the fact that the space in your womb is slowly becoming cramped due to his growing size. You can expect to feel his movements every day now so it?s the perfect time to start counting his kicks along with any type of movement to ensure that your baby?s doing ok. You?ll need to do this at least twice a day. 10 movements within an hour or less is considered normal. If you don?t feel that many, try eating a snack or drinking some juice to energize your baby. If you still can?t reach 10 after 2 hours, you should contact your doctor.

At week 29 of pregnancy, his milk teeth will have started developing in his gums. His senses are also becoming more mature; by now, he?ll be able to taste flavors and feel pain. Your 29 week fetus? eyes are also more sensitive to light during this week, able to distinguish between artificial light and sunlight. His ability to distinguish sounds and voices has also developed so don?t forget to continue talking to him every day and exposing him to music and books. During this week, your baby may already be upside down, with his head down near your pelvic bones, preparing for his birth.


You at 29 weeks of pregnancy:

By this time, you will definitely look and feel that you are ?pregnant?. Your growing uterus, with your growing baby within, will most likely be pressing against your diaphragm and bladder, making you feel both breathless along with the need to pee almost all the time. The breathlessness can make it feel difficult at times to do even the simplest things such as walking from one point to another.

During week 29 of pregnancy, you will still continue to experience constipation due to the pregnancy hormone progesterone which relaxes the muscles in your body including the ones in your gastrointestinal tract. You?ll feel some abdominal discomfort and difficult as well as infrequent bowel movement. To avoid experiencing this particular symptom, you?ll need to include a lot of foods high in fiber in your diet such as vegetables, fruits, whole grain bread, prunes, cereals, and bran. Doing 20 to 30 minutes of moderate exercise at least 3 times a week will also help stimulate your bowels. Lastly, drink lots of fluid every day, around 10 to 12 glasses.

You may also notice some swelling or puffiness on your ankles. This is called edema. You?re retaining more fluid than usual which is one of the causes of the swelling. Your growing uterus also puts a strain on your pelvic veins which slows down the flow of blood in your legs making the fluid in your veins accumulate in the tissues of your feet and ankles. While this swelling is normal, an excessive amount of swelling is not as it could be a sign of preeclampsia. You can minimize the amount of swelling you experience by putting your feet up whenever you?re sitting. You should also avoid crossing your ankles.

Another common discomfort most soon-to-be moms feel during week 29 of pregnancy is the development of hemorrhoids. It can be itchy or worse painful. Gentle wipes after your bowel movements and drinking plenty of fluids can help ease this discomfort. Also, avoid sitting down or standing around for long periods of time. You can also soak in a sitz bath to help relieve the itchiness or pain.

At week 29 of pregnancy, you also probably cannot sleep properly, especially at night. Again, you can attribute this to the several discomforts you are experiencing. Grab more sleep during day time if this is when you feel at ease and comfortable.






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