Week 30 of Pregnancy

Week 30 of PregnancyYou probably cannot believe that the pregnant woman standing in front of the mirror is you. At week 30 of pregnancy, your baby bump becomes fuller and heavier at the same time that your body gains additional weight. Pregnancy at 30 weeks will give you additional discomfort like back aches and body pains leading you to experience more mood swings and emotional stress. It is quite depressing when you try to do even the simplest task (picking up something on the floor or bending just to tie your shoe lace) yet you find yourself almost out of breath. There is no need to worry though because most women 30 weeks pregnant are in the same dilemma as you are.


Your Baby at Week 30 of Pregnancy

During week 30 of pregnancy, your little one will gain a lot of developments and he is obviously eager to show it off to you by kicking hard with his knees or elbows. Here are the highlights of his developments:

  • From head to foot, your baby will measure at around 39cm and weigh about 1.3kg. His length?s measurement may seem to slow down but do not worry because his growth will be put on his weight instead.
  • Your baby?s vital parts like his lungs and digestive are almost fully developed at week 30 of pregnancy.
  • Your baby is very much accustomed in opening and closing his eyes and could probably tell light from dark. If you are in a playful mood with your baby, you can try pointing a flashlight on your stomach and then wait to feel if your baby?s head will move to follow or even try to touch it.
  • One exciting development during your pregnancy at 30 weeks is that your baby will already have eyebrows and can even bat his eyelashes. Now, isn?t that cute?!


Mom at Week 30 of Pregnancy

Week 30 of pregnancy is the stage where a soon-to-be mom cannot wait for the ?big push? to happen. Although the fear and anxiety of giving birth is probably running through your mind, still the excitement to see your little one cannot be lowered. And as you wait for another 10 more weeks before your due date, take a look at what you and fellow pregnant moms will be doing at week 30 of pregnancy:

  • Despite the discomforts, your baby?s safety during week 30 of pregnancy is something you can be thankful for. If things get out of hand and the baby needs to be born right away, he has a higher chance of survival. Because of this security, the waiting becomes easier and you can focus more on positive thoughts than negative ones.
  • You are continuously gaining weight. Yes, you still have 10 weeks more and your baby has lots of developments to undergo through yet. You will need to continue nourishing him inside. Don?t feel depressed as you see how bloated you are as you become 30 weeks pregnant. Keep in mind that it is all for your baby?s growth and you have a lot of time to get rid of the extra weight once you give birth.
  • Sleep deprived. Just when you are about to sleep, your baby might be awake and would want you to be awake as well. With all his kicks and somersault stunts, you would probably just want to feel all those actions. The trick is to take track of your baby?s sleeping pattern. If he seems to be alive and kicking at night but at peace during the day, then go with your little one?s pattern. You will also have to get used to it once your baby comes out. Sleep when the baby is asleep so you are also up when he is awake.
  • Frequent trips to the bathroom. Every few minutes, you?ll often find yourself scrambling to get in the bathroom just to pee. This is caused by your little one pressing on your bladder every time he moves or kicks.


Week 30 of pregnancy opens another phase of challenges both for the mommy and the baby. This is a critical time when you need to listen and follow your doctor?s advice especially if this is your first pregnancy. Although every pregnancy is unique, asking fellow pregnant moms or those who?ve been in your shoes before about their experiences could give you additional comfort and assurance that what you are dealing during week 30 of pregnancy is normal. Don?t forget that each new experience brings you that much closer to having your baby healthy and happy in your arms.






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