Week 31 of Pregnancy

Week 31 of PregnancyA soon-to-be mom deserves a pat on the back when she reaches week 31 of pregnancy. There is still a way to go before D-day. Both you and your baby still have quite a bit of developments and changes to undergo through. For you, your continuously growing belly may lead to additional body pains but the idea that of your baby obviously growing is more than enough to bear it all. There is a lot of important things happening during this week in pregnancy and it would be best for you to talk with fellow moms and exchange notes about their everyday ordeals regarding their pregnancies. This will lighten the waiting game and would give you peace of mind knowing that you are not alone in riding through the ups and downs of being pregnant.

At week 31 of pregnancy, you might be wondering how the little one is doing inside you. Below are some highlights to give you a vivid idea of how he is preparing for his grand arrival:

  • A 31 week fetus is about 3 plus pounds and measures about 18 inches but since there are still a few more weeks to go before your date of delivery, your baby still needs to gain more or less 3 to 5 pounds.
  • He is already trying to use all his senses except for his sense of smell. This is because he is still submerged in amniotic fluid but, as soon as he is able to breathe air, it will be your scent that will linger in his nose.
  • Your little one may squirm less because the space inside of you is growing small as he grows bigger. This is why every movement he makes can make you gasp in pain though tolerable. It would be nice to take a video of your belly moving during this week in pregnancy while the baby tries to find the most comfortable position inside your womb. It would surely amaze you and your family to see how your baby moves inside your tummy.
  • The baby?s sleeping pattern is more defined. You?ll know when he is sleeping because there is no commotion inside your belly. But always be aware of the intervals when the baby is awake or sleeping. You should feel activity once in a while and any prolonged silent periods of time inside your womb must be noted and reported to your doctor.


On the other hand, at week 31 in pregnancy, you are probably experiencing a couple of roller coaster rides every day. Below is a list of experiences you can expect during this week in your third trimester:

  • Trouble catching your breath. This is because your 31 week fetus has grown bigger causing your diaphragm to push up against your lungs. It may seem like you are running out of air even if you?re just doing simple tasks. There is no need to worry though because this is entirely normal and your baby is doing well inside your womb. The little one remains comfortable even as you huff and puff because he is getting the oxygen he needs from your placenta.
  • At week 31 of pregnancy, your baby bump is the reason why you are experiencing excruciating back and pelvic pain. To top it off, you are also adding more weight in your body giving the little one the needed nutrients before his arrival.
  • Fuller and heavier breasts – another uncomfortable feeling for women during 31 week of pregnancy. Soreness is caused by the milk glands preparing your breasts to produce colostrum which is important for breastfeeding. You will also notice how your areolas are now darker than it was before you get pregnant. Don?t fret, this is also normal.
  • Heartburn and indigestion. Since your baby keeps on growing during week 31 of pregnancy, he crowds your abdominal cavity making your digestion work really slowly. You don?t need to stop eating just because you hate the feeling of heartburn and indigestion though. You and the baby will surely suffer if you do that. The trick is to take small but frequent meals to make digestion fast and easy.


Despite the uncomfortable feelings most women experience during week 31 in pregnancy, the joy and excitement still reigns over their minds. Behind their sacrifices is the thought that they are bearing a healthy child inside their womb. This is where they, and you, get the strength to brave the remaining weeks before seeing the little one.


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