Week 32 of Pregnancy

Week 32 of PregnancyYou probably have been getting a lot of stares and belly rubs from people you meet during week 32 of pregnancy. This is quite a common occurrence as most people have a tendency to forego the boundaries of personal space and privacy upon meeting a pregnant woman. As a 32 week pregnant woman, you already may have gotten used to this by this time. You may also have experienced getting some unsolicited advice from strangers regarding your pregnancy just because they think they know better. Though all of these things can make week 32 of pregnancy an irritating period of time in your life, it can?t put a damper on your excitement and feelings of anticipation as your D-day draws nearer.

If you?re curious about what?s happening with your baby, below is a list of fetal development by week 32:

  • By now, your baby will be around 1.7 kg in weight and measure about 42cm.
  • Fetal development by week 32 also includes the ability to dream. Through fetal brain scans, it was discovered that by this time, babies experience rapid eye movements which indicate dreaming.
  • Your vision of a baby with cute, soft, and chubby cheeks is near reality as your baby starts to get plump by week 32 of pregnancy. All the food and vitamins you take are obviously being absorbed by your baby as fat slowly builds up in his body.
  • Hair covering your baby?s body (also called lanugo) falls off during this stage. Although some babies do remain almost half covered with lanugo when born, it will fall off naturally as days pass by.
  • Hair on your baby?s head is now visible. But remember, some babies are born with no hair at all.
  • Your baby now has nails on his fingers and toes.
  • Your little one continues to grow strong especially his bones and muscles. You can even feel how strong he is by the way he moves inside your womb.
  • Most importantly, during week 32 of pregnancy, your baby may now be in the right labor position. This means that your baby?s head may already be at the bottom of your uterus with his chin is tucked under his chest and his bottom in an upward position.


All of these developments will surely be discussed by your attending physician especially during week 32 of pregnancy wherein you will be required to see him or her twice a month for the rest of your pregnancy.

As you reach week 32 of pregnancy, the changes continue to occur inside and on your body. What can you, as a 32 week pregnant woman, expect to happen?

  • You?re waddling more and more like a duck. And why wouldn?t you? With a baby bump that big, your posture is sure to be affected when you walk. But aside from that, a hormone called Relaxin that is produced during pregnancy is another contributing factor why you waddle like a duck when walking. It helps the pelvis and pelvic bones to loosen up in preparation for your delivery. So, just bear the funny way of how you walk, it will pay off eventually.
  • Overfatigue and exhaustion. As your belly keeps on expanding, you may find yourself very tired even at the start of the day. With that extra weight you carry, overfatigue is also the result of your increasing levels of progesterone. This hormone prepares you for the challenging labor and delivery soon to come. You don?t have to endure all these discomforts though; simply stop and take a break. Have quick naps whenever you can especially when you feel that your baby is calm and asleep.
  • Sleepless nights, heartburn, and constipation. You probably felt these uncomfortable feelings at the start of your third trimester and unfortunately, at 32 weeks of pregnancy, you will still experience them often. However, there are tricks that you can try to combat all of these discomforts. Heartburn and constipation occur because your baby is getting bigger and he is squeezing some of your upper internal organs (lungs, diaphragm, and stomach). Eat small meals but make it frequent so you and your baby won?t get hungry. Avoid fatty foods as these can cause constipation but make it a habit to have food rich in fiber to improve digestion.


At 32 weeks of pregnancy, you still have few more weeks to wait before your baby arrives. In the meantime attend every appointment set by your doctor. He or she will need to monitor you and your baby to ensure everything is fine before delivery.

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