Week 33 of Pregnancy

Week 33 of PregnancySoon-to-be moms usually have that extraordinary glow at week 33 of pregnancy. This can be attributed to the idea that the long journey of pregnancy is nearing the end at last. Being halfway through your third trimester, a 33 weeks pregnant woman may have a lot on her mind. How is her baby doing? Could she bear the pain of delivering her baby? Will everything be okay while she is in the delivery room? And a whole lot of other what ifs. Though these concerns are quite valid, it would be better for pregnant women to focus more on the baby?s development as well as learn more about how to deal with the symptoms they are experiencing. With that in mind, check out what you can expect during this week in your pregnancy.


Your Baby at Week 33 of Pregnancy

At week 33 of pregnancy, your little one is about 4 pounds in weight and around 17 inches in length. If you?d like to have a more ?visual? image, then think pineapple. Your 33 week fetus is no longer an alien-looking creature inside your womb. Since your baby keeps on absorbing all the nutrients you pass on to him, fat is already building up in his body. His skin is less wrinkled now and his face may actually be more rounded, possibly even slightly chubby.

Your baby at week 33 of pregnancy has stronger bones and that explains why his kicks are more painful now. However, the bones in his skull remain unfused to help him pass through your narrow birth canal – the passage between your cervix and the opening of your vagina. As we are talking about your little one?s arrival, your 33 week fetus would most probably have placed himself into a downward position by this time. This would be your doctor?s main concern every time she examines your baby inside your womb once you are nearing your due date.

As you reach week 33 of pregnancy, your baby?s vital organs are almost fully developed. His immune system will also have developed by this time, providing your baby with protection from mild infections. Another development is your baby?s ability to distinguish night and day inside your womb. The amount of amniotic fluid in your uterus will have lessened by now and its walls will also be thinner, allowing light to penetrate the womb and enabling your baby to ?see? light or sense its absence.


Mom at Week 33 of Pregnancy

You will need a lot of energy and mind boosters as you reach week 33 of pregnancy. A 33 weeks pregnant woman will experience what is called third trimester insomnia due to several factors. One reason why pregnant women at this stage have difficulty sleeping is because of the uncomfortable symptoms that occur during this time. These include the frequent urge to pee (especially during the middle of the night), heartburn, leg cramps, and even an active baby. Another reason is because of the many concerns that crowd in the mind of the soon-to-be-mom even in the late hours of the night.

Though there may be a lot going on with you that can prevent you from being well-rested during week 33 of pregnancy, it doesn?t mean that you have to accept foregoing sleep altogether. There are certain things you can do to help ensure your sleep remains uninterrupted. For example, if you hate having to go to the bathroom every 5 to 10 minutes, here?s a tip: you can pee twice at a time. Sit on the bowl and pee. Stand up then sit again and drain yourself once more. This will save you from going to the bathroom again after 10 minutes. Also, try to avoid drinking too much liquid when you are about to go to bed.

Another way to help ensure that you get the rest you need is to sync your sleeping time with your baby?s. Thus, his active kicking and moving will be less of a disturbance and you?ll actually get some peace and quiet whenever you go to sleep. You can also use pillows to make you feel comfortable when lying on the bed. Place it to the side of your belly, between your thighs, and below your feet.

Swollen feet, ankles, and fingers are also evident during week 33 of pregnancy. Also called edema, this pregnancy symptom often gets worse during summer or if you live in a hot climate. Put your feet up as often as you can as this can reduce the swelling. It can be a bit disheartening to see fat fingers and feet but keep in mind that it will subside soon.


Week 33 of pregnancy is just another stage you will pass before you see your little one. It will be over soon so being prepared and aware all the time is imperative. Keep your hospital bag anywhere near the door or your car so you can easily grab it when your time has come. D-day is just around the corner so hang in there!

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