Week 34 of Pregnancy

Week 34 of PregnancyThere are a lot of things that you can expect to happen during week 34 of pregnancy. One major milestone that occurs during this week of pregnancy is that your baby will “drop”. Now, there’s no need to panic as this isn’t quite what you’re thinking. It is not the horrible kind of drop that you are perhaps imagining. What it is referring to is that your 34 week baby shifts his head lower to rest on your pubic bone. He is positioning himself, ready to be released from your womb.

Because you are in week 34 of pregnancy, chances are you are feeling heavier and more swollen than before. Yes, there will still be a whole slew of symptoms to experience. To make your life easier, you should concentrate on looking at the bright side. You are getting closer to hearing your baby’s first cry and seeing his beautiful smile.

So, what else is going to be happening around this time? We’ve compiled some of the surprises that await you during week 34 of pregnancy.


What’s Up During Week 34 of Pregnancy?

Inside your womb, your 34 week baby weighs about 2 kilos. His height is approximately 1.5 feet. He is nearly the size of a bitternut squash or a regular-sized cantaloupe. He is rounder compared to previous weeks because the fat layers that will help regulate his body temperature once he is born are developing rapidly.

If you are one of those moms who worry about preterm delivery, you should be comforted by the fact that babies born during this week generally survive provided they have no other health difficulties or conditions. They usually do as well as full-term babies in the long run, although they may need to stay for a while in a neonatal nursery and have some short-term and easily treatable health problems.

By this week in pregnancy, your baby’s lungs will have become fully developed. However, his central nervous system will still be developing. Your baby’s liver, though still not fully formed, will now be capable of processing waste. Be advised though that since your baby’s liver is still not functioning like a full-term baby’s liver, he may develop a case of jaundice characterized by a yellowing of the skin. Developing jaundice while still inside your womb poses no likely danger to his health and well-being though.

The closer you get to your due date, you’ll find yourself experiencing an ever increasing need to frequently pee. The cause of this discomfort is the extra pressure on your bladder, inflicted by your baby as he shifts his head around to leave the breech position. You are also likely to experience some numbness on your pelvis because of the said pressure. These symptoms are perfectly normal during week 34 of pregnancy. To manage these symptoms, you will need to stay on your feet and move around as often as possible.

Your pregnancy hormones during week 34 of pregnancy, specifically relaxin and progesterone, are on the rise. They are instrumental in helping your body prepare your pelvis and make room for your baby for the big day. You may also experience more hip pain than usual because of this development. Be sure to consult your doctor on how you can manage these pregnancy symptoms with proper and baby-safe treatments.

Have you noticed that, recently, it has become necessary for you to be extra careful so as not to lose your balance? This is because, by week 34 of pregnancy, your center of gravity will have shifted because of your protruding stomach. For this reason, you are more vulnerable to slipping and falling.

Week 34 of pregnancy is also the time when you are likely to start developing stretch marks. Gaining weight steadily but slowly will minimize the appearance of stretch marks on your body. In addition, you must remember to moisturize your skin with unscented lotion, cream, or body butter whenever it feels dry and itchy. Better yet, use moisturizing products with Vitamin E to minimize post-birth scarring due to stretch marks.

During this week in pregnancy, you may also note that your eyesight is poorer than your pre-pregnancy eyesight. Again, lay the blame on your pregnancy hormones. You may also notice that your eyes are not getting enough lubrication, leaving them dry and itchy. If you experience these eye-related symptoms, monitor how much your vision has regressed and report this to your obstetrician on your next visit.

Manage your week 34 of pregnancy symptoms well, and the remaining weeks of your pregnancy will be a walk in the park.

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