Week 35 of Pregnancy

Week 35 of PregnancyIf you are in week 35 of pregnancy and still have not gotten used to how much you have grown, you might be feeling some discomfort with the increasing weight you are bearing. There is a very good reason why you feel as if you and your baby are a million times heavier than when you started on this journey of being pregnant; by this time, you most probably have gained about 25-30 pounds in weight. Aside from the added weight, there are several other things that you can look forward to during week 35 in pregnancy.


Developments during Week 35 of Pregnancy:

Your baby’s development:

By week 35 of pregnancy, your baby will weigh a little over 5 pounds (not including the weight of your baby’s umbilical cord, amniotic fluid, and placenta) and he will be about 19 inches tall. His size is comparable to that of a coconut or a honeydew melon.

His body continues to store more fats that will help keep him warm when he is finally released from your body’s protective shelter. Alongside the development of more body fat, the furry and soft hairs that previously covered your baby’s body begin to disappear during week 35 of pregnancy.

Your baby’s hearing is fully developed by week 35 in pregnancy. You might want to keep the pitch of your voice high when you talk to him since, at this stage, your baby responds best to high-pitched sounds. But, you do need to sound gentle and soothing as well. The reason for this is that, by now, your baby has developed a sleeping pattern that you would, of course, not want to disrupt!

By this time, your baby’s digestive system is almost fully developed. You may want to start thinking about whether you will breastfeed your baby or not. Whichever is your preference; you must research about it. You should also ask your doctor/pediatrician about things you can do to ensure that your newborn is well-nourished.


Your pregnancy symptoms:

Believe it or not, a 35 week pregnant woman’s uterus is 1,000 times bigger than its pre-pregnancy size; hence, her increased weight and waistline. Your weight and size will continue to increase (a steady half a pound a week) until you give birth! It is not only because your baby continues to grow in your tummy until he reaches full term but also because your body is beefing up to accommodate your baby’s growing weight.

It is not just the weight strain that you will need to deal with during week 35 of pregnancy. Your swelling uterus will also be squeezing your other internal organs. This is why you often feel the need to pee throughout your pregnancy. You might also suffer from frequent episodes of heartburn or gastrointestinal pain. These symptoms are experienced by most 35 week pregnant mothers.


Preparations for the big day:

It is best to start seeing your doctor on a weekly basis when you are in week 35 of pregnancy. Sometime within the next two weeks, your doctor will check you for Group B streptococci (GBS) bacteria that may be present in your vagina or rectum.

GBS is usually harmless to adults, but it is potentially dangerous to babies. A newborn may contract blood infections, meningitis, or pneumonia from GBS – which he may get when he passes through the mom’s vagina during birth. If you are a GBS carrier, your doctor can lower your baby’s chances of contracting a GBS infection by putting you on intravenous antibiotics during labor.

Week 35 of pregnancy is an excellent time to plan for your childbirth. It is advisable to start easing into your maternity leave from work and give yourself enough time to rest and prepare physically and emotionally for the big day. You need to start focusing on your labor and the toll it will have on you. You have to identify and remove external sources of stress and concentrate on you, your baby, and how you will go through the birthing process.

You may also want to start preparing the stuff you will need during D-day such as clothes, blankets, diapers, and other birthing supplies. Pack them in one bag and place the bag in a designated area. Most important of all, you have to be sure that by week 35 of pregnancy, you will have already made arrangements with whoever will accompany you to the hospital on the big day.

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