Week 40 of Pregnancy

Week 40 of PregnancyGive yourself a pat on the back as you have now reached the end of your journey at week 40 of pregnancy. There is no doubt that it has been a long journey and though it may have seemed like a roller coaster ride, you will know that it was all worth it when you lay your eyes on your little one. Now, if your baby still hasn’t arrived yet, you might want to check out what’s happening inside your womb and what changes you can expect in your body.

Baby at Week 40 of Pregnancy

Your baby is probably only a day or so away from leaving your womb at week 40 of pregnancy, finally bidding goodbye to the warmth and comfort that he has enjoyed for several months now. There is nothing to worry about during this week of pregnancy as your baby has, by now, grown fully developed and is as ready as you are to greet the world. Your baby will be around seven to nine pounds in weight while his length will be around 19 to 22 inches. While your baby’s bones may have grown stronger, his skull remains pliable in preparation for passing through his narrow exit point when the big day arrives. You don’t have to worry a tiny bit if you see your baby’s head look a little coned when he comes out. It’s normal and will transform into its normal shape as days pass after his birth.

At week 40 of pregnancy, your baby will probably already be in a head-down position with his arms and legs crossed atop his chest in preparation for his birth. You may observe that the fetal position is a favourite of your baby after his birth. This is because the position often gives him comfort, reminding him of the 9 months he spent inside your womb, the only position he has really known since he came into being. He will soon realize as days pass that he now has more space to straighten his legs, arms, and body.


Mom at Week 40 of Pregnancy

You are now 40 weeks pregnant and tons of emotions may have been building up inside you for several months. In addition, the people around you may seem to be more excited than you to see you give birth. This could make you feel not only impatient but possibly quite anxious as you wait for your baby’s arrival. With the discomforts you still feel, the additional feelings of excitement and anxiety about actually giving birth may seem like too much for you to handle. It is important that you turn to your partner for emotional support. After all, it will be the two of you who will work things out when the baby arrives. Family and friends are also good sources of comfort during this time.

At week 40 of pregnancy, there is practically nothing to worry about your situation. It is all up to your baby when he will care to do his grand entrance. On your part, this week of pregnancy is when you should ensure that you have loads of rest instead of thinking negative thoughts. Yes, the discomforts are there but look at the bright side. It will only be a few days more before all your sacrifices will bear fruit.

There can be several false alarms of labor during week 40 of pregnancy, possibly even before. You may feel Braxton Hicks contractions a couple of times throughout this week. Instead of panicking, you should take note of how intense and how often they occur. Before you even approach this milestone, you will have often met with your doctor. Remember to take these opportunities to ask everything you want to know about delivering your baby. You will be given several options of how you would want to bring your baby out into the world. Make sure that you have already decided on your delivery option before you even become 40 weeks pregnant.

It is incredibly likely that your baby will be making his arrival soon enough and not at a time of your choosing. Thus, you will need to be prepared beforehand. This means that your hospital bag must be prepared and ready to be grabbed any time you feel intense and continuous contractions. As soon as you feel like it’s time, take a quick shower, put on clothes that are easy to take off, and leave your jewelry at home. Make sure that everything you need for the baby is also ready so you won’t have to worry about anything after you’ve given birth.

Just remember, at week 40 of pregnancy, the wait is almost over but the journey into parenthood has only just begun.

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