This is something I learned very

This is something I learned very early. I mean if I got to wake up and go to meetings tomorrow morning, I not getting hammered tonight if I can avoid it. I know I learned. This can happen naturally, when moving plates of the Earth’s crust slip past one another, or it can be caused by human activities, including hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” a form of oil and gas drilling or other deep injection disposal of water and other fluids underground.Buy PhotoTemblor was a magnitude 3.3. (Photo: Martha Thierry, Detroit Free Press)The May 2 earthquake exposed a geological fault line in southwest Kalamazoo County only speculated about previously. Kazuya Fujita, a geosciences professor at Michigan State University, said it appears the same fault line was involved in a magnitude 4.6 earthquake in Coldwater in 1947, the last earthquake in the state of such an intensity.

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