Tips for Buying Maternity Clothes

Tips for Buying Maternity ClothesMost women love shopping. What woman wouldn?t jump at the chance to try on new clothes and even buy some? But then again, buying maternity clothes isn?t just like any old shopping trip. When you start to feel that your clothes are getting a bit tight, you might start thinking of buying looser clothes. But when that baby bump becomes a whole lot bigger, it?s time to bite the bullet and go buy clothes for pregnant women. But, where would you actually start? What would you need? Will you even be able to look stylish? Before you even start to fret about maternity clothes shopping, get some tips that can help you save time, money, effort, and still look hot.


Maternity Clothes Shopping Tips:

Know when to shop for maternity clothes. Your baby bump won?t be obvious during the first trimester though there will come a time that you?ll feel your clothes getting a bit tighter than you are comfortable with. Instead of rushing out and buying maternity dresses here and there right away, it?s best to simply start off with some loose clothes. If you are naturally petite, you can borrow your partner?s button up shirts. These are a perfect alternative for maternity clothes at least until you have the actual baby bump. After all, you never know how large you?re going to get. In addition, try buying some belly bands. These are perfect for hiding your slowly growing tummy and can extend the use of your regular pants and shorts.


Know what to look for. If you are a newbie soon-to-be mom, do some research or ask experienced friends and family about what you should look for in maternity clothes. Thankfully most maternity clothing shops have personnel who are knowledgeable in pregnancy and they can offer good suggestions of what to buy. Below are some essentials that you will need to include on your list:


  • Choose clothes with cotton jersey fabric or lyrca because they are stretchable and made to withstand your tummy?s growth.
  • Look for clothes that can be worn in layers. A pregnant woman?s body temperature often changes so buy maternity clothes that can be easily peeled off or put on top of another depending on how hot or cold you are. Think a cute shirt under a hip sweater.
  • Buy pants and tops that can be mixed and matched. Of course, for your tops, make sure that it won?t be tight on your tummy. Also, choose pants that are stretchable even on the hips and thigh part since these are most likely to expand along with your tummy during pregnancy.
  • Do not forget your undergarments. It is common for pregnant women to experience an ever increasing breast size. You can go from your regular size to at least two or three sizes up. Buy only a few because your bra size will still change even after your give birth. For your underpants, there are panties that can go up to your belly and make you feel comfortable.


Maternity clothes can be stylish too. Gone are the days of sacrificing poise and elegance just because you have to wear billowing maternity dressesduring your pregnancy. Your mom or grandma may insist you wear those kinds of clothes for pregnant womenbut you have the right to resist. Being pregnant in today?s generation has become far different from the way it was before. Now, you can be fashionable even during pregnancy. Here are some things that remain true even when you?re dressing your pregnant self:


  • Highlight your curves. Traditionally, pregnant women conceal their baby bumps by wearing loose and baggy shirts. Today, you can opt for form-fitting dresses or even low-cut tops. Remember, when you?ve got it, flaunt it.
  • Don?t be afraid to show some skin. If, even during your pregnancy, your underarms are still looking flawless, then go for sleeveless tops and dresses. Tube tops with a loose belly section can make you look and feel great.
  • Accessorize. Add hip and color to your maternity outfit. Choose accessories to compliment what you are wearing.
  • Stay away from horizontal stripes. They can make non-pregnant women look wider and you even more so.
  • Wedge heels can make your legs look longer and your calves appear leaner. Just make sure you don?t wear them when you?re already reaching towards your third trimester because your center of gravity will have moved by then.


Be prepared to change styles. Whatever style worked for you before you got pregnant wouldn?t necessarily mean that it would still work for you with your very pregnant body. Your looks have changed and so will the style that looks good for you. Just remember to embrace your curves, don?t be ashamed of them.


Never forget to shop with a budget. Shopping, even for maternity clothes, can indeed be fun. Don?t get too carried away though. Stick with a budget. Going over your budget will mean detracting from money that could be well-spent on your baby.


Shopping for maternity clothes can be intimidating, especially if it?s your first time. Just remember, being pregnant doesn?t mean you have to look dowdy. Always go with what makes you feel and look good. After all, every pregnant woman should glow, right?

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