Tips for Decorating Your Baby Room

Decorating Your Baby RoomCongratulations, you?ve got a baby on the way! Though it will still take several months before the little one arrives, you?ll need to start preparing all the things you?ll need when you finally get to take him or her home. One of the first things you?ll need to do is to get the baby room ready. The baby room is where you?ll be changing diapers, soothing cries, and in a few years, it will be your child?s haven in the house. Below are some great tips that can help you make this room a safe and happy place for you and your baby.


Baby Room Decorating Tips:


The very first thing that you should consider when decorating the baby room is the color. Though it?ll be months before your baby will be able to see colors aside from black, white, and gray, the color of the baby room will help set the tone and feel of it. Remember, your baby room d?cor, which includes the color scheme, should make both you and your baby feel comfortable and happy whenever you spend time in the nursery. For a boy?s baby room, any color in the color wheel except pink and purple shades are acceptable. For a girl?s baby room, any color is acceptable though blue and red should not be the dominant color in the room. If you don?t know what gender your baby will have, then a neutral colored baby room can be achieved by avoiding shades of pink and purple as well as a color scheme that is predominantly blue or red. In addition, try not to go overboard with too many colors. It?s best to stick with two main colors with one or two accents. As for choosing the main colors, just make sure that they both belong to the same ?color family? such as pastel + pastel or bright + bright.


Art and Creativity

A lot of baby room themes are crafted from the parents? creativity. Your baby room decor does not need to be expensive. Ignite your creative juices by looking around your own room. Framed pages from children?s books are great for decorating especially during your baby?s growing up days. In addition to this, wallpaper can be a perfect back drop for your framed artworks.


Go for Durable and Washable

Your mind may be flooded by lots of ideasbut keep in mind that your baby room will not always be as tidy and clean like the first time you laid your baby in it. As your baby grows, stuff inside the room may get dirty or worn out. Choose materials that are washable and could stand the test of a child?s hands. In addition, make sure that your floor coverings are easy to clean or stain-resistant. Avoid wall-to-wall carpeting as it tends to store allergens and can be hard to clean.


Cost Efficient Lighting

In decorating your baby room, lighting should never be overlooked. While it is necessary that a nursery be well lit, there will also be times when dim lights are advisable especially during bed time stories or when you are putting your baby to sleep. Instead of having a lampshade, use a dimmer switch for your lights. It would be easy for you to change the settings according to you and your baby?s mood.


Furniture and Fixtures

The crib is the most essential piece of furniture of any baby room. But you may also want to think about including a daybed inside the nursery. After all, your baby won?t be sleeping in the crib all the time. Nursing a child is the best bonding moment between the baby and the mother. That extra furniture where you could both snuggle would be perfect. Another essential piece of furniture is a very comfy chair that is stain-proofed. You?ll be spending a lot of time feeding, reading, or just plain hanging out on that chair. It is also best to include a changing table where you could place all baby?s necessities within arm?s reach. Storage boxes for stuff toys, diapers, powders, and lotions can be customized according to baby room themes.


Stick with the Basics

Though it can be tempting to go overboard with all the cool stuff out there for you to buy, it?s better to stick with just the basics. First, it will ensure that there isn?t a lot of clutter in the room preventing you from moving around. Second, as your child grows, he or she will need a host of different things, possibly he or she will even want a different kind of d?cor. By keeping things simple, it makes changing or adding stuff a lot easier for you in the long run.


When all is said and done, just remember that making your baby room cool or special is not the goal. It?s making sure that your little bundle of joy has a space of his or her own where both of you will be comfortable and happy spending time in.




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