Top 5 Baby Toys for Newborns

When it comes to baby toys, you always need to consider buying only those which are appropriate for your baby’s age. When choosing the right toys for babies who have just been introduced to the world outside of parajumpers online store their mother’s womb, you must keep in mind their limited abilities (e.g. unable to grasp objects, sit up, and not many other motor skills). The best baby toys for a newborn, therefore, are those which do not require them to grip or sit up.

Though their ability to make the right connections to particular sights, sounds, sensations, parajumpers sale tastes, and smells are still limited compared to older babies, newborns do use their different senses. Every time they make use of these senses, they are developing their brains. They are learning new skills and honing their abilities. You can help your baby develop his brain by only buying baby toys that are instrumental in the neural development of a newborn.

There are different types of baby toys in the market: hand-held toys, sensory toys, musical toys, rattles, mobiles, and soft books. First-time parents, when shopping for the best baby toys for their newborn, should take note of the fact that newborns appreciate toys that stimulate their visual and auditory senses. Newborns are captivated by bright colors and contrasting patterns. They pay attention to high frequency and high pitch sounds. Below are some highly recommended best-selling baby toys for your newborn.


5 Best-selling Baby Toys for Newborns:

1. Manhattan Toy Winkle Teether (Sensory toys)

Baby Toys - Manhattan Toy Winkle Teether

Teethers and rattles are your newborn’s best toys because they expose your baby to an assortment of textures and sounds. Both a teether and a rattle, the Manhattan Toy Winkle Teether has varied features that will keep newborns stimulated and interested.

It has soft and pliable plastic loops that are easy for small hands to grasp and hold. The tiny loops are held together in the middle by a soft, plushy cube that doubles as a rattle. This toy is safe to cool in the refrigerator to make a soothing teether for your baby. It is vibrantly colored to keep your baby drawn to it. At just 100 grams in weight, the Manhattan Toy Winkle Teether is easy to take anywhere with your baby.

2. Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether

Baby Toys - Vulli Sophie the Giraffe TeetherThis toy doubles as a teether and as a plush baby toy that is safe for newborns. This cute and soft teether is barely 3 ounces in weight. Thus, there is no need to worry about your baby hurting himself when he drops his giraffe teether on his face or on any other part of his body. Vulli Sophie the Girraffe Teether’s dimensions are 1 x 4 x 7 inches. With these dimensions, this cute toy poses no threat of suffocating him. And yes, this giraffe wonder also produces a squeaking sound when pressed.


3. Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies and Lights Deluxe Gym

Baby Toys - Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies and Lights Deluxe GymMobiles that come in bright and contrasting colors stimulate a newborn’s vision. Baby gyms and activity centers that encourage grasping and reaching are also helpful in developing your baby’s physical faculties. Inspired by the thought of creating a toy that has the best features of these two types of baby toys, The Rainforest Melodies and Lights Deluxe Gym from popular baby toy brand Fisher-Price was created.

This mobile and gym set features a quilted floor mat with attached colorful butterfly arches held together by a huggable giraffe tube. The package comes with five toys in different colors and textures that light up and produce soft music and nature sounds. The toys can be suspended on the arches and positioned anyway your baby fancies. This provides your baby with various ways to play and explore.


4. Manhattan My Snuggly Animal Blanket

Baby Toys - Manhattan My Snuggly Animal BlanketActing as a toy and a blanket, My Snuggly animal pals from Manhattan may just be what your little one needs – a comfortable security blanket that he can keep for years. The blanket comes in three snuggly animal designs: elephant, monkey and panda. The animal’s body is made of a soft, plush, asthma-friendly blanket. It has an adorable sleeping face that looks in need of some tender love from your baby.


5. Lamaze Totem Pole Stackers

Baby Toys - Lamaze Totem Pole Stackers

This great baby toy from Lamaze, a leading manufacturer of development toys for babies, is great for helping your baby develop hand-to-eye coordination and dexterity. Classic play patterns are balanced with innovative patterns, textures, and colors in these brilliant totem pole stackers. The soft totems are built with magnets to make stacking easy and less frustrating, as well as built-in rattles that will inspire your baby’s sense of discovery and creativity.



A note of caution for overzealous parents: Do not go overboard with stimulating your newborn’s senses. Overstimulation will cause him to suffer from sensory overload. Exposing your child to a lot of sensory experiences in a given time is comparable to your boss giving you a month’s worth of work in a week. He will be overwhelmed and stressed out with the herculean task of processing and deciphering all the experiences. This stress may lead him to throw tantrums, be irritable, shut down, or become overly sensitive and hyperactive.

Baby toys are tools that babies can use to utilize their senses as well as process their observations and experiences. These toys also help them in developing their ability to think and process ideas and thoughts that, at first, are abstract to them. Toys differ in purpose and characteristics precisely because, depending on their age, babies have different abilities and preferences. Following the general rule that the best baby toys are age-appropriate, safe, and stimulating should thus be your benchmark when choosing toys for your newborn.

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